Bonus codes are offered by various poker websites as incentives to new players. These poker codes such as GUIDE100 usually give you the player an extra bonus on top of what is normally on offer to regular visitors. Bonus Codes are only available for first time players. That is if you have played at Absolute Poker before you cannot use a Poker Bonus Code on their site as the bonus code is only available for new players.

However if you are a new player then using a poker bonus code is something you should do.



Poker Room Amount Bonus Code Website
Titan Poker Bonus Code $600 GUIDE250 www.titanpoker.com
Absolute Poker Bonus Code $500 GUIDE100 www.absolutepoker.com
PKR Poker Bonus Code $600 600BIG www.pkr.com
Full Tilt Poker Bonus Code $600 GUIDE100 www.fulltiltpoker.com
Mansion Poker Bonus Code $500 GUIDE100 www.mansionpoker.com
Party Poker Bonus Code $150 PARTY100 www.partypoker.com
Doyles Room Bonus Code $250 NEWY110B www.doylesroom.com
Everest Poker Bonus Code $100 GUIDE777 www.everestpoker.com


Bonus codes aswell as sign up incentives are often overlooked as just another gimmick or ploy to get you to sign up to a certain poker room. Although this is partly true. The fact remains that using these poker bonus codes allows you to maximize your potential cash windfall.

This windfall can be as much as 100% of your first ever deposit. So if you deposit £10 you can get £10 free cash in your poker account. Meaning you would have £20 to play with. Now imagine if you deposited £100 – that’s right you would get £100 free – meaning £200 in your account.

I always encourage people to deposit and play with as much as they can, either afford to deposit, or what they think they will eventually deposit anyway. The reason for this is. Using a first time bonus code is a one trick pony. You can only ever use the poker bonus code once. And only as your first ever deposit when your introduced as a new player. So i always advise you to take full advantage of the situation and the generous offer that is presented to you.

After all what is the point of depositing £20 to test the water only to discover you’ve blown the chance to get £100, £200 free. Obviously there are certain terms and conditions and limits to how much free cash you can earn, but its well worth grabbing as much free cash as you can – Good Luck at the tables.

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